Longcase Hand

In this longcase (grandfather) clock a loose hand had been ignored resulting in damage to the clock.  I had to correct a previous repair to the hour hand which had collided with the fixing screw of the date indicator.  There is a good deal of force on the hour hand on these clocks so the hand had bent and broken.  The parts had then been soft soldered together again without any attempt at straightening them.

Existing repair

The dial with the date indicator above the six o’clock position.

Closer views of the front and back of the longcase hour hand show the bent metal and the lighter colour of the soft solder repair.  This type of repair meant that the hand was still very weak; it was also remained loose on the hour pipe (its centre fixing).

After repair

Repair 1:  I cleaned the old solder off the hand, reshaped the metal then used hard silver solder to join the two parts of the hand. The heat required during the soldering discolours the steel so I completed this repair by bluing the hand back to a uniform colour matching the minute hand.

Repair 2:  The hand is fitted to the hour pipe by a pin through the small round hole just above the centre hole. This pin should be a tight fit in a corresponding hole in the end of the hour pipe, but it wasn’t, neither did it have any head. The result was that the hand would wobble about quite easily.  Close examination of the hole in the hour pipe showed no sign of any thread and it had a slight taper, so instead of threading the hole and fitting a screw I made a taper pin with a head on it to hold the hand firmly.

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