Enfield Mantel Clock

Here is an example of a typical English mantel clock as made by Enfield and Smiths in the 1930s through to the 1950s.  This example is of 1946.

Before repair:

The main problems here were holes that had worn elliptical. This allows wheels to have an incorrect depth of engagement with their pinions and adds a lot of friction within the gear train which, in turn, reduces the power reaching the escapement so that the clock runs erratically or stops. In this clock the wear was mainly on the intermediate wheels driven by the mainsprings and the gathering pallet wheel; this receives sideways pressure every time the striking stops.

Movement repair:

The usual disassembly, cleaning, reassembling, lubricating and testing. In this clock the grease on the mainsprings had dried out completely, this was indicated by the grunting noises made as the mainsprings were let down or wound up.

A sample bushed hole.

The main repair work to this clock involved bushing the worn holes, i.e. cutting the holes round again with the correct centre, rivetting in a drilled brass plug and opening up its pre-drilled hole to the correct diameter for the pivot turning within it.  In this particular clock six holes had to bushed. Some wear is inevitable but regular servicing, before oil dries out, can make a significant reduction in the rate at which it occurs.

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